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The right hand machine to Emperor Lyon the 2nd, Neo Metal Sonic, called currently Shard due to a transformation, is Grado's best pilot, and one of the Empire's most imfamous members, for his numerous pranks and mishaps with airships. His partner in crime is Zoroark, and currently has a crush on Nicole, Erika's Righthand Machine


Neo orignally served under Lyon's father Chris sometime before arriving on Warsoul. Based on what little Shard has said about his past, Chris and he fought and, and Neo was destroyed and rebuilt, with a sense of good and evil. His age is not known, but he is thought be almost 100 years old.

On Warsoul

It is not known how Shard made it to Warsoul but, during the Great War, and up until 2 months before Lyon and Erika's wedding, was under cover in Eggmanland, doing what he could to ruin Eggman's plans, even helping Erika escape by placing in her cell the tools needed to get out undetected.

He arrived at the Viking, Grado's Mobile Command Center, right after a battle between Grado forces and Finitivus. He helped repair the viking, though he said he couldn't go back, since he blew his cover in eggmanland.

Shortly after Lyon and Erika's wedding, Shard transformed from Neo to Shard due to unknown circumstances. He currently resembles Shard from the secret Freedom fighters, hence the new name. He is currently on kitchen duty due to causing a massive 30 airship accdient in Enderoth