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Lyon's mother, Mira is a human Vestal Hybrid, though two percent of her human DNA was replaced with Chrozo DNA to boost her natural ablities. She was last seen in the eastern jungle, her fate is unknown, although it seems she has made it back to Earth.

Life before the Great War

Much like Chris, little of Mira's past is known, though she, like Chris is a Federation citizen, and seems to hail from a colony world that was attacked by Space Pirates, though that is not been confirmed.

Her arrival on Warsoul is as strange as Chris' was, she woke up in Malibu by her self, with parts of her memory missing, though by the time Chris and Mira were reunited, enough had returned, but some false memories had spring up, including mistaking Syphra to be her "sister". When she ran from her and Chris' home, she was captured by an Eggman patrol and was taken to Eggmanland, where it seems she was expiremented on by Dr. Finitivus and Dr. Eggman, though what sorts of tests she never spoke of.

She would not be heard from until nearly 28 years after the War ended

Life after the Great War