Ironscale is the Master and God of Dream Realms. His tough personality and strong intelligence keep logic and chaos in check.


Ironscale formed deep under the universe's surface, and using his powerful supernatural senses was able to enlighten himself by learning everything there is to learn in the entire universe. He then became powerful and responsible, and emerged to the surface of Volterra, where he created a revolution of peace, and slowly enlightened the ponies of Skyia until he was in full support.

Struggle and Rise to PowerEdit

Ironscale initially was feared and even hated by many.  Many ponies did not understand the potential in power he had due to the sheer extent of his knowledge. Some saw such power as threat, and even labelled it manipulation.  Lord Ironscale stayed and put up with the treatment from them until eventually all ponies bowed down to him.  He eventually saved the entire world after it ended, by ensuring the worlds did not encounter a cataclysmic shattering during their plight into slumber.