A strange and mysterious being, Dark Paladin is Lyon's bodyguard, as well as head of Gradium's Royal Defense Force.

He works part time as a detective, having his own agency, Warrior Private Eye, composed of him, Shard, and Zoroark. Their main rivals are the God Squad, led by Obelisk the Tormentor. His age and race are not known, he wields the Bolt Axe.

Origins and RolesEdit

Dark Paladin turned up at the Grado Outpost in pvp, looking for work, he rapidly rose up the ranks to become Lyon's bodyguard, being able to know what Lyon's condition is in a moment due to his magical ablities. As for his relationship to the rest of Grado, he would often be seen helping out where ever help was needed, from babysitting, to working in the kitchens, to teaching classes even. He would end up keeping an eye on most of the oddball and nutcases of Grado, including the unrelated mischief making antics of Shard and Zoroark. He also acts as the prision ward on board the Viking.


Dark Paladin is a master healer, and his armor and weapoon are clearly magical, as he can do magical damage with his Bolt Axe, and his armor makes it so he takes virtually no damage. Due to this is thought he might belong to one of the races known for their magical prowess, such as the High Elves of Volk, wiped out by Eggman, or the Night Elves, who live in Lunatea. It has also been formulated that he might be some sort of super Soldier created to help Grado, though no one has an idea as to who could have engineered him.