Cyrus Retinue is a group of individuals who have some sort of positive relationship with Cyrus.


The most obvious member of Cyrus' Retinue is his student Ellen. When she was young, she got an illness that would've killed her. She thought her parents didn't love her for her sickness so she X'd them. A demon in the form of a cat took her under it's wing and made her a witch so that it can teach her a way to get rid of her sickness. A little girl with golden hair named Viola paid her a visit so that she can take care of Ellen. She was willing to give up her body 'for a day' so that Ellen can stop writhing in pain. After Ellen used her magic to switch bodies with her, she escaped with Viola - who was in Ellen's deformed body - chasing her. Ellen ran away to Viola's father, who killed Viola thinking she was a monster with the body she was trapped in. 2 years later, Viola's dad learned what he did and was about to kill Ellen in viola's body for what she did to his daughter. Unfortunately for him, his plan was cut short when Cyrus arrived from nowhere and contained his soul using Redemption's power. Cyrus then took Ellen in as his student and successor.