The captial of the Grado Empire, Accadia is located on an island due west of Malibu, and is surrouned on all sides by eggman bases or fleets, only a few routes are open, though work on a railway from Malibu to Accadia has begun and is planned to be completed by late April of 2013. The city itself is hoped to be finished by the onset of summer, but the citadel itself requires Erika to be online, as she's the only one who knows how to make it


Accadia's date of consturction is unknown, but is believed to have been around since before the first Grado Empire's rise, and was thought to have been a farming city until the First Empire used it as a base, and evunatly by its fall, as a captial. After the fall of the first empire, accadia was forgotten for thousands of years, until the rise of The Eggman Empire, when Eggman built Eggmanland to the north of the island nation. By this time, the city had fallen into ruins, the once great citadel was mostly rubble, the inner keep gone completly. During the Great War, the rebel force that would over throw Enerjak used the city as a hiding place. Chris later came across the city in his search for Mira, and for pieces of a lost map that would point the way to  a working end portal, so he could be cured of enerjak's taint. After the fall of Eggmanland the city was forgotten yet again by the outside world, though Chris and Mira returned there before returning to earth, and left documents to help the Grado Empire in the city of Malibu, as no modern maps existed that pointed the way to Accadia.

Shortly after Enerjak's defeat, Lyon learned of the city's existance, and traveled there, briefly crossing paths with an Eggman Armanda, though he was not attacked. Upon arivng there, he was made ruler of the island, and began bringing the city up to modern status, upgrading the city defenses with warships, upgradign the docks, starting work on an airfield, adding a mineshaft, and begining contsturction of homes, barracks, forge, and the tremdous task of rebuilding the citadel. Erika herself arrived a few weeks later, having had a dream of what the citadel should look like, but the invasion of the city by Risen forces under the command of the Reborn Enerjak put work far behind, Currently Lyon and Erika are in Malibu, until the citadel can be brought far enough along that they can move in, T oversees the rest of the city, Zante the Fox oversees the grado airforce and Philip the Grado Navy.

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